The Power Of A Sincere Prayer

Prosperous On Purpose

The Basics Of Growing Your Sacred Business Online

In this Free Workshop we will:

You’ll Learn The Exact Steps

I followed to launch and grow my online women’s empowerment business during my kids’ naptime back in 2011. (that grew into a global community serving thousands of clients that allowed me to actualize almost every dream and vision I’ve had for myself and my family).

What I share with you in the workshop is also the exact plan...

I’m following again now, pregnant with my miracle 3rd child and relaunching my coaching business after taking a few years off…

Your vision for your online business has been seeded in your heart from the Universe.

You are supposed to do this work and the time is now.

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. It’s not your fault that you haven’t created a profitable business yet. 

Part of the Heroine’s Journey is about breaking through your intergenerational trauma and collective guilt around women earning money.

…another part of the Heroine’s Journey is about being willing to let the Universe be your business partner.

There is a golden bridge to cross, that couples your sacred vision with a feminine-led business plan.

Come spend 90 minutes with me

And let me share with you what I’ve learned and how to put all the pieces together so you too can grow your sacred business online so that you can enjoy the journey of your life as much as possible with choice at every step.

After you register you will receive an email with access details to this life changing workshop along with a beautiful and detailed workbook that includes my notes for you so that you can follow along with the training and apply what you learn right away.