Sacha Sterling is a Business Coach and Founder of You Matter: A Free Business Mentoring Program. Through her programs she supports people in creating financial independence, time freedom and emotional fulfillment through launching and scaling their own home-based online businesses.
As a mother to 2 daughters, a wife, an entrepreneur and advisor, Sacha knows firsthand how to support women, mothers and families as they maneuver through life’s challenges to come out stronger, happier and more successful than ever!
Sacha has coached hundreds worldwide to stop the destructive habit of just surviving and create thriving home and business lives.


It’s been a whirlwind.

Shane and I met out dancing and just knew ‘this was it’.

From that night, eating leftover Thai food in my car from my waitressing shift and talking for hours, to getting pregnant, married and starting a business just 4 months later, you could say we moved fast.

We leveraged $5,000 cash and a $3,000 credit card and turned that investment into a half a million dollar a year business in less than 24 months.

When we began that first business we were living in a basement apartment with no ventilation, jobs or back up plan.

The urgency of babies brought on the heat and we figured it out.

Shane worked crazy hours and was always at the store. I was home with a toddler and a newborn completely lost in motherhood (I don’t recall showering that year :/ ).

I loved my children and husband (even though I forgot that many times in my own lack of purpose) – but something was missing.

That’s when my sister forwarded me an email 4 times to get on a conference call with a woman who taught about empowerment coaching.

Begrudgingly I signed up for the free call then actually showed up – and wept the entire time – she was talking to me.

That was the day I decided to be a Coach.


Even though I didn’t know what type of coach I would be or the fact that I didn’t have my own computer or access to my own money….None of that mattered.

The Vision caught me.

Financial Independence.

Personal Fulfillment.

Making a Difference.

Creating the lifestyle I wanted so badly without sacrificing time with my kids.

So there I was.

A new mom to 2 under 2. My husband was out of the house working 80 plus hours a week.


And I was committed to launching my online coaching business during my kids nap time.

At first, it looked like me signing up for a program and taking the cost out of the food budget without telling my husband.

It looked like me hiring a girl who worked retail at our store to come over once a week for 1 hour as a mother’s helper while I walked up the street to the cafe to work on my business.


Pretty soon I was making $500 a month with my part-time online
coaching business – running it all during my kids’ nap time.

All I did was hire a coach and follow the plan. And it worked!

It felt like FREEDOM!

I got on purpose.

I had something just for me.

I was financially autonomous from my husband without sacrificing time with my baby girls!

That’s where the story could have ended – but it didn’t.

We grew our lifestyle and overhead. Multiple businesses and locations, a big house and 2 new cars.

One summer the house of cards fell down. Big time.

All of a sudden everything we thought was solid and stable disappeared.

The cash flow.

The house.

The cars.

Almost our marriage.

We moved into a tiny house and borrowed a truck with 3 seats (we are a family of 4).

At that point, my part-time coaching business was making $2,000 a month.


That’s when the lightbulb moment happened.


Online business.

I grabbed onto my coaching business as the life raft it is and cracked the code on what’s working in business today. What’s sustainable and safe long-term.

What was so interesting was that through my research, what got me to $2,000 a month was exactly what I needed to do more of to grow to multiple six figures – it’s a scalable model with very little overhead!

It was through that breakdown to breakthrough that finally got my entire family thriving.

Once I knew what to do it didn’t take long to see big results.


I even retired my husband last year!


Shane retired last year from businesses that were burning him out (because my part-time business income made it possible) and is now fully on purpose as a musician and home with me and the girls.

With the internet, we have access to money-making opportunities that are unprecedented.

No longer does one or both members of the couple need to be the sacrificial lamb of the relationship just to get by.

I used to be afraid to speak in public or have a strong point of view. That was why I hid out behind Shane and was the support role to his vision – it was safer.

But it never felt completely fulfilling.

It wasn’t until I was “forced” to create something from my own desires and vision that I finally felt the way I dreamed about as a little kid.

And it’s been way more fun than I could have imagined (and not at all scary!).


Healing Families One Business At A Time.

That’s what we’re all about now.

It started with healing our own family (emotionally, relationally, financially)…

and now we are committed to supporting as many others as possible to create the financial independence and emotional well-being they deserve.

Home based online business saved us and it can be the solution for you, too.


The laptop lifestyle isn’t for the lucky few – there is a plan to follow
that works every time if you follow the steps.


Let me walk beside you and show you how to get your part-time online business launched so you can step into your most fulfilling future!

Click here to book your FREE Business Plan VIP Session Now!

I can’t wait to meet you and map out a completely doable plan to get you what you want most.



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