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Her most requested talks include:

How To Grow Your Business Online

This accessible presentation focuses on supporting entrepreneurs in creating leveraged income and impact by taking their business online. Sacha has consolidated over a decade in business into 3 simple steps that anyone can follow to see more financial independence, time freedom and emotional fulfillment in their business by taking an aspect of their business online. The 3 I’s of business include: Influence, Impact and Income. In this presentation that can be adapted from 20 minutes to 2 hours, Sacha passionately educates business owners on the quickest pathway to use online marketing to help them thrive in today’s fast changing economic and technologically advancing time.

How To Upgrade Your Self Worth To Increase Your Net Worth

This emotionally connected presentation specifically speaks to the personal development journey we as women embark on in pursuit of creating success. Sacha cares deeply about the transformation available to women through entrepreneurship. In this presentation that can be adapted from 20 minutes to 2 hours, Sacha focuses on empowering attendees with easy to apply, deeply profound and life changing tools to own their voice, step into their power and feel confident in being visible in their growing businesses.

Sacha’s speaking style is feminine, sincere, inclusive and empowering, serving women in business groups both large and small.

Both presentations uplift the audience to know that what they dream of really is possible and inevitably walk away inspired and refreshed with easy to implement action items to move them towards their goals right away.

Sacha has spoken at many events ranging from intimate lunch meetings to experiential workshops to larger multi day events including Crystal Andrus Morisette’s Simply Woman Retreat serving 40 women and Shanda Sumpter’s high level business mastermind and Zone Event serving hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Wise beyond her years, Sacha is a woman who will leave a profound mark on this world. That I am certain of! Crystal Andrus Morissette

Founder, Best Selling Author of The Emotional Edge, S.W.A.T. Institute

Sacha is a woman to watch this year! One of the best mindsets on the planet. Shanda Sumpter

Business Success Coach, Best Selling Author of Core Calling, Heartcore Business

If you would like to inquire about Sacha serving your next group or gathering with one of her 2 signature talks, How To Grow Your Business Online OR How To Upgrade Your Self Worth To Increase Your Net Worth, please email