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Let’s join hands and hearts to explore where your spiritual world and material world meet so you can prosper on purpose.  When spirit and form are aligned everything that is meant for you will come to you.

Join myself and this amazing counsel of guides as we shine our lights, illuminating your own pathway forward.

Everything you need is already within you.

– Xoxo, Sacha

Master Empowerment Coach to visionary and emerging leaders.

Meet the Speakers

Cat Caracelo

Finding Wisdom In All Ages, Stage + Phases of Life Using Art As Soul – Access

Kc Baker

The Benefits Of Feminine Qi Gong

Rima Bonario

The Feminine Practice of Embodied Ease with Dr. Rima Bonario

Lindsay Marten Ellis

Embracing Your Humanity as the Pathway to Your Higher Purpose

Yvette Duncan

Seeing Through the Eyes of Compassion

Amy Yamada

Humanizing AI: The Power of Authenticity

Natalia Price

The Rise of the Sacred Feminine & the Priestess Archetypes

Silvia Hantea

Ishtara – a Journey from Dissociation to Embodiment

Bee Sisterhood 

Sisterhood and Sacred Belonging Create A Sustainable Life and World

Adrienne Rivera

The 4 Ways Breathwork Can Increase Your Income & Impact

Becky O’Haire

Let Your Light Shine

Maureen St. Germain

Spiritual Knowledge For Contemporary Life

Queen Aline

From Drug Feen to Raw Vegan Queen 

Maria Tolstykh

Pleasure. Why do you need it?

Robin Rivera

Sacred Leadership & The Shadow Integration

Natasha Daubney

The Alchemical Feminine

image0 (3)

Darcy Meehan

Empowered Change

Nikki Ananda 

Womb Alchemy, Ancestral Healing, & Sacred Feminine Embodiment 

Suzy Finnefrock

Identity: Exploring Where Commitment Ends and Attachment Begins

Sara Gordon

Why Alignment Matters: An Astrological Perspective


Limitless Power and Beauty is Birthrite for the Woman who Knows How to Receive!

Lisa McNett

 Embody Your True Self with Introspective Breathwork™

Secily Spain

Empowering Teenage Girls

Livia Devi

Wealth Consciousness

Kari- headshot- ocean in background

Kari Van Tine

How to Receive Guidance From Your Future Self


Meet Sacha Sterling

Sacha Sterling is a Master Empowerment Coach to visionary and emerging leaders. She is the Host of the top ranking podcast, Exploring All That is Sacred.


As an Ally for women on their Awakening Journey she supports them in bridging the spiritual and material worlds with intention and devotion.


Sacha is passionate about encouraging women to answer the calling on their heart to share their unique gifts so they can live their souls purpose.


She started her journey in 2011 sharing her gifts so she could live her purpose with her own online coaching business during her kids naptime. This 5 hour a week hobby turned into a deeply fulfilling movement and knows that every woman who is called can create the life she desires.