Sacha is a woman to watch this year! One of the best mindsets on the planet.

Shanda Sumpter

Business Success Coach, Best Selling Author of Core Calling, Heartcore Business

Wise beyond her years, Sacha is a woman who will leave a profound mark on this world. That I am certain of!

Crystal Andrus Morissette

Founder, Best Selling Author of The Emotional Edge, S.W.A.T. Institute

“This call was worth $10,000! Exactly what I needed. I’m pumped!”

Susy Kilby

Today I am so happy because with the launch of my Series, I am also finally launching my business! I have been dreaming about this for 3.5 years. But as if that weren’t enough, what I am most tickled about is that I did it today while also hiking up a mountain on the ocean with my family while on vacation! To me, this is priceless. This is truly my kind of business strategy – stress free, with quality of life first, a plan that works as the foundation, and encouragement along the way from everyone in this group. Thank you, Sacha Sterling, for your tremendous role in this special day!

Nicole Moorey

One of the most important things I learned in Sacha Sterling’s Thrive Virtual program was how to be compassionate towards myself. This trumps gaining that $779 monthly client within the first 3 months of beginning the program.

Rebekah Lumley

This totally works!!

Linda Buisson

I have been moving forward in my business since our coaching session. I have been following all of your steps. IT’S WORKING!! Bless you Sacha…working with you really unblocked me, gave me the boost and tools I needed to move forward.

Michele Dallaire

I attracted the whole man because I’m a whole woman and I paid off my debt and I feel fabulous!!! Thank you for your life coaching! I love you!

Ramona Wilmarth

Sacha helped me sell my business with ease and grace. She coached me with so much compassion and wisdom – it was just what I needed during a tender transition. Sacha has a beautiful feminine presence full of kindness and understanding, along with a strong, powerful fire that takes action! Her personality is an exquisite combination of qualities that really meet a business woman’s needs.

Alyssa Anaya

This woman can, and will, change your life.

Courtney Kai

Sacha has been a phenomenal support for my personal empowerment journey. I know I can count on her whenever I feel stuck or things aren’t moving in the right direction. I’m so grateful for her work and authenticity.

Binu Alag

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